Monday, May 4, 2009

Threespot Quandary

Dear JesusTalk:
I am 25 and have been in a relationship with 26-year-old "Randolph" for two years. We, of course, have had some emotional ups and downs, but overall it's wonderful. Our sex life has also been incredible. However, about six months ago while playing fantasy games, we pretended we were in other relationships and cheating together, and this was a big turn on for me. Now, whenever we are intimate, I always have to picture him having sex with someone else in order to climax. I keep this secret from him because it is slightly worrisome to me. I often picture him with women I have small jealousies over, and this makes me climax much faster than I ever have been able to before. Should I try a threesome? (Though, the thought of him actually being with someone else does not elicit as positive a response!) Is this fantasy more normal than I think it is? — Stuck in the Gutter

Dear Gutter:
Damn that's hot! Fuck yeah you should! Gimme your number and we'll hook it up. You can watch me and him go at it for a while, then you can join in. I'll bring the wine.
-Your Lord and Savior,
Jesus H. Christ

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